Ken Done sees all the colours

Known for his vibrant and pulsing-with-energy paintings depicting iconic Australian moments from Sydney Harbour-scapes, to lazy beach scenes, to tropical coral reefs, to gardens bursting with flowers and life, Ken Done is an internationally acclaimed artist who aims to bring the experience of beauty and joy to a diverse audience. Our joint founder and Art Director, Lila Theodoros gets to talk art, design and colour with the man himself.

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ArtLila Theodoros
A Buddhist’s lunch

It’s no secret the concept of a ‘Buddha Bowl’ is having a moment right now – and rightly so – a plant based grain bowl is the perfect meal. But what about Dhal? Have we overlooked the powerful pulse?

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FoodLila Theodoros
Part Time Paintings

In the latest issue of Paradiso artist Amber Wallis was interviewed by fellow artist and Byron School of Arts Alumni Courtney Cook, unfortunately in life as in publishing things can go wrong!

In the issue Amber's interview was partially correct, however some of the answers printed were not her words.

We understand as an artist representation and inspirations are very important.

We apologise to Amber and to Courtney for the mistake.

Please enjoy Amber's full interview here.

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beck marshall
Recipe Feature

Recipe Feature – from Gather Journal

Morning Glory Yoghurt

In Hindu mythology the mango tree was synonymous with love—its’ leaves hung outside the house, a symbol of luck and fertility. We find them lovable, too. Our mangoes (and carrots) get the compote treatment, before being strewn atop a pool of yogurt with passionfruit.

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Lila Theodoros