Paradiso – Issue No. 04 (PRINT)

Paradiso – Issue No. 04 (PRINT)


SPECIAL: because we want you to enjoy Paradiso as easily as possible, we have INCLUDED POSTAGE when you purchase a single copy of the mag!

Printed on beautiful, uncoated, FSC certified, Australian made paper, Paradiso Issue No. 04 is a feast for the senses. Make (or buy) a coffee, settle down with Paradiso, take a breath, slow down and enjoy 64 pages of beautiful design and engaging content – the mag smells great too ;)

Issue No. 04 comes in vanilla winter waves – Winter comes like a slow moving mist and settles gently. Our Paradiso is – a Buddhist's lunch, chesses that love you, the art of tea, analogue activities, none the wiser, a cat's cradle. We are inspired by so many muses – Eileen Kramer, Bello Winter Music, Bec Nolan, Diner 55, Barcelona, Sea Bones, Thirza Schaap ... and so much more.Paradiso is free. You just have to find it ... and if you can't, well you can just buy it ... enjoy!

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