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This is the dawning


Your astrological insights and offerings read by Lizzie Bodenham

For a broader overview of the two months ahead, read both your Sun sign and your Rising sign (sometimes referred to as the Ascendant). To find out your Rising sign for free, have your accurate birth time handy and go to (Anyone born on the cusp can also find out exactly which Sun sign they this way).


April/May 2018


Aries. Mar 20/21–Apr 19/20

2018 sees your planetary ruler, Mars ,encouraging a review of what motivates you, how to best focus your will and the revising of short or long term goals .The February 1st Lunar Eclipse may have brought developments around a romantic relationship, a child, or a creative project  and the need for balancing creative fulfilment, leisure time and the requirements of friends or group commitments. Feeling uplifted and having fun not only nurtures the physical heart, but broadcasts a frequency that benefits the greater whole. The February Solar Eclipse on the other hand is a super charged New Moon for intentions and group connections/ teamwork or connecting with kindred spirits in common endeavours. This eclipse also lends support for humanitarian or altruistic dreams. The March 16th New Moon may prompt the necessity to take stock, recharge and recoup. This can stand you in good stead for harnessing your energy or productivity in the first week of April, when your ruling planet Mars, aligns with Saturn in responsible Capricorn. This planetary combo could be felt as restricting your natural impulse to assert yourself or take the lead but a tactical approach could prove to be a practical one that opens up doors. 


Taurus. Apr 19/20–May 20/21

2018 is a significant year for the Celestial Bull, with Uranus entering your sign from mid-May for an 8 year long stay. The February to April period is therefore an opportunity review what attitudes, approaches or situations could benefit from long term reshaping, remodelling or experimentation . Being a game changing planet Uranus’ message is about evolution and rather like lightening and rain can clear the air and charge up the land, the winds of change can boost a fresh perspective on what’s outworn or no longer benefitting your soul’s progress. The Lunar Eclipse at the start of the month may have activated matters that are home or family-related. It may even help now to look back to what was set into motion with the eclipses last year (or even the same eclipse points 18-19 years ago in 1999) for greater understanding of the larger themes occurring in your life now. The February 16th Solar Eclipse on the other hand spotlights making your mark and advancement in the wider world, so formulate aims which foster a sense of purpose, vitality or confidence outside of current domestic, family or partnership duties. Your planetary ruler Venus has a number of contacts with other planets February through to April so mutually beneficial interactions, inspiring opportunities and practical support for expanding skills and higher objectives may be on the cards. Venus then moves into your sign on March 31st, further emphasising your power to magnetise what you require and desire. 


Gemini. May 20/21–Jun 21

In 2018 there is an on-going emphasis on gaining constructively through interactions and with others, so be willing to allow their input, resources, values or ideas help you grow. Throughout this forecast period you may find the desire to study or explore gets stronger, and reviewing long range plans around future direction is part of the bigger picture. The Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of February may have cast a light on  feelings around where you are here and now and where you’d rather be, or on matters involving communicating, transportation, siblings, neighbours, travel or legal stuff. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 16th accents broadening your view about the world so expanding freedom to explore, awareness of others’ viewpoints or opportunities for satisfying your mind’s need for stimulation and variety can be keys to self-development . On a practical level, make sure you double check details, and be alert in monetary or heart  matters. Through March to April, particularly -when your planetary ruler Mercury is Retrograde March 22 -April 15th- you may feel the need to review certain friendships or connections or to cultivate associations which are in alignment with changing interests. 

Cancer. Jun 21/22–Jul 22/23

Throughout 2018 the sector of your solar chart connected to close relationships and partnerships, either business or personal, is occupied by two planetary heavyweights Pluto and Saturn. Pluto’s influence here aids in gradually transforming attitudes or patterns of compromise, dependency and sharing. Saturn having recently arrived in this zone assists in helping to see the unvarnished truth, redefining boundaries and restructuring commitments. Regard this as an opportunity to build strong foundations by examining any cracks . 

Being a Moon ruled sign, Cancer is naturally attuned to the rhythms of lunar cycles, so mapping these rhythms may prove useful. Lunar and Solar Eclipses are amplified Full Moons and New Moons and can usher in changes over the coming 6 months or more. February carries on themes from last year around financial and emotional “comfort zones” which no longer serve your emerging self, possibly involving feelings around security and value, of give and take and the need to strike a balance between your needs and the same needs of other people. In March there are some highly supportive planetary alignments between your Sun and planets in water signs Pisces and Scorpio, providing opportunities for personal growth, enjoyment of simple pleasures and expanded perspectives.  


Leo. Jul 22/23–Aug 22/23

Carrying on an Eclipse cycle which has spanned the last two years ,2018 continues to impact the axis of your solar chart which governs relationship between self and others, prompting profound changes to appearance, profile and personal identity, around people important to your development , partnerships or contracts. The Lunar Eclipse in your sign at the onset of the month may have brought to light polarised feelings, and the challenge of staying in your heart while retaining a certain degree of impersonal detachment. Situations involving individual appreciation or attention to friendships, or nurturing a positive sense of self-esteem while supporting the team may have brought home the need to not be overly focused in either direction for the good of the whole. The Solar Eclipse in mid-February however could be helpful for planting seeds around individual purpose, new connections or cooperative efforts. Home base or family relationships could improve or become more fulfilling, with incentives for creating a sanctuary or surroundings that are a foundation for wellbeing, creative expression and inner peace. As February continues into March, balance pragmatic steps with allowing situations to naturally unfold. The emphasis at the end of March heading into April is on taking a structured approach to managing output, well-being and routines so that you have ample energy for whatever new prospects arise. 


Virgo. Aug 22/23–Sep 22/23

In 2018 communication, new interests and contact with others can feel positive, upbeat and fulfilling while health and wellness or reorganising routine life are all favoured with the February Eclipses accenting the axis of health, work, self -care, retreat and downtime. 

The Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of February may have shed light on the need for some solitude or to keep a balance on nurturing your inner core being while managing external reality and worldly commitments. Relaxation or mindfulness techniques go a long way to enriching and strengthening your mental or emotional outlook. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 16th is the perfect time for long term implementation of new approaches, incorporating new rituals, technologies or workable systems and with your planetary ruler Mercury involved, these approaches could also include or inspire collaboration.Throughout February and early March home and family responsibilities may be also at the forefront and if navigating confused cross currents or plans aren’t coming together suspend decision making- and try not to take on too much if possible- until March. The 3rd of March Full Moon in your sign may bring clarity when new information comes to light. Down the track around the March Equinox, your planetary ruler will also be having one of it’s three annual Retrograde cycles, an opportune time to take action reviewing or revising jointly held interests, courageously tackling intimacy and bonds with others. 

Libra. Sep 22/23–Oct 23/24

The first part of 2018 is focused principally in sectors of your solar chart concerned with personal fulfilment and the responsibilities of daily life. The long range picture emphasises a revaluation of where you dwell on the inside, your foundation, home or roots but that being said, the Lunar Eclipse on February 1st may have temporarily given rise to strong feelings around social life, friendships, social networks or those worldly goals and wishes that have been put on the back burner while other matters have taken precedence. Lunar Eclipses take the culminating and releasing energy of a Full Moon and magnifies it, so what gets released can pave the way for new seeds to take hold, visions to formulate and future incentives to take shape. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in middle of February is the perfect time for Libra to use the magnetic power of their ruler, Venus to attract future blessings around pleasure, children, creative fulfilment or social life. With so much emphasis on the lower half of your solar chart, shifts and turning points are occurring in areas of more personal fulfilment through this forecast period. However April marks the point when your zone of important relationships lights up. Asserting one’s needs before others can be a challenge for a sign that seeks harmony and compromise but when Uranus and Venus followed by Retrograde Mercury and the Sun align in opposite sign Aries at the end of March / beginning of April, being upfront or speaking honestly about changing needs could help balance the scales and clear the air, even if there’s some conflict of interests in the process. 


Scorpio. Oct 23–Nov 21/22

2018 is a once in twelve year Jupiter cycle through Scorpio ripe with possibilities for personal growth, expansion and increasing self-confidence. Blessings may come in the way of travel, new experiences or perspectives. 

The Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of February may have underscored issues around work/home balance, vocational prospects or public profile vs the place where you live, family or emotional foundations. Your home or family life may need a boost of some sort. Jupiter’s expansive support for most of this year, and in a supportive dynamic with planetary ruler Pluto, it’s a potent time to release old stuff and emotions. This is reinforced by the mid-month Solar Eclipse focusing dynamic energy toward attracting more of what you desire than what you fear. At the end of March work or children related projects or goals may start to take shape so keep honing your instincts and imagination to maximise on creative energy. 

Sagittarius. Nov 22/23–Dec 21/22

Much of 2018 accents the part of your solar chart which is generally absorbed with personal needs and desires , and a a self-reliant, independent and introspective approach to how you feel about yourself, your skill set, communication style or personal interests may take precedence for the first part of the year. The Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of February may also have triggered awareness around travel near or far and around concerns involving intellect, exchange of viewpoints, study, legal matters, publishing or the media/web. The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the other hand animates your communications zone, so there could be developments around the way you get your message across, listen or share insight, short trips, time spent with siblings or within your community and new directions or experiences around learning, speaking, writing or the power of the mind to alter “luck”. On the other hand, in March your planetary ruler, Jupiter, encourages you to retreat, rejuvenate and allow room for inner discovery that may help reconcile or rewrite certain scripts. Handling beliefs absorbed from family or early conditioning are examples of this. In April unexpected opportunities may arise but beware of making commitments you can’t fulfil or overextending your energy or budget. 


Capricorn. Dec 21/22–Jan 19/20

After a big line up of planets in your sign in the first weeks of 2018 (the likes of which there hasn’t been since 1991!), February’s Lunar Eclipse may have spurred revelations in the department of incomings and outgoings, how much you think you’re worth, financial obligations, secrets and intimate ties or  bonds shared with others. Important choices or setting long term plans into motion may be part of the mid February’s Solar Eclipse which activates the zone of money, possessions, talents and assets. This potent energy may inspire inventiveness around managing funds, improving skills and self-esteem, the conservation of resources or the desire to build worthwhile structures for the future. In March friendships and associations may provide you with support if you’re not sure how to proceed or the road doesn’t seem clear. Be open to receiving pointers, brainstorming or joining forces with inspirational or perhaps new connections. The start of April may bring on duties or tasks which require concerted effort when your ruler Saturn aligns with Mars. In combination these are about reigning in energy so this may be time for evaluating your personal needs and the intentions you have for the future. 


Aquarius. Jan 19/20–Feb 18/19

2018 carries on themes that point to making your life more meaningful and the best version of our evolving self. With eclipses in Aquarius and opposite sign Leo over the last two years lining up with the lunar nodes pivotal shifts or long lasting changes are to be expected. February’s Lunar Eclipse at the start of the month stimulates the relationship axis of your solar chart helping turn a corner or bring closure to certain significant relationships or the way you approach them. The need to release any disharmony or balance personal needs with cooperation and listening to other viewpoints were essential to navigate this potentially fiery energy. The Solar Eclipse in your sign on February 16th has potential for new insights or breakthroughs in the areas of personal appearance, your outlook, the impression you make and self-improvement. Speaking your mind or courageously expressing your quirky nature may also still require a little awareness, while opportunities for promotion and word of mouth are indicated by the presence of your modern ruler Uranus in your zone of communications and local dealings. Your traditional ruler Saturn on the other hand is in the most introspective zone of your challenging you to “spring clean”  some unconscious baggage such as fears or outmoded patterns. On a practical level, March and April may be the perfect time for developing new sources of income or consciously addressing how you manage and talk about funds.


Pisces. Feb 18/19–Mar 20/21

2018 may open up opportunities to explore new avenues, widen your vistas or renew inspiration while Saturn and Pluto help crystalise long standing aspirations and the essential support that is required to attain them. The Lunar Eclipse at the onset of the month lit up the health, work and healing axis in your solar chart so the daily aspects of making a living, health habits, working relationships and duties may have motivated the necessity for organisation that contributes to improved emotional wellbeing and vitality. The mid-February Solar Eclipse reinforces the equal necessity to review, replenish and allow cues from your hidden, subconscious or intuitive self. Insight can be more accessible through dreams, creative therapy, meditation or retreat. As this is the Aquarius zone of your solar chart looking to ways to clear stagnant mind sets, take preventative measures and listen to your soul’s yearning , could lead to breakthroughs in how you feel, perception and mental outlook. March’s important Full and New Moon have exciting, inspiring and supportive planetary influences both personally and in your relationships to help energise the way for forward thinking, new perspectives and initiatives in April.